Advice for using the Kodex total lead clip system
12 JUNE 2017
Find out why Lawrence East uses the Kodex total lead clip system for 90% of his fishing...
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Lawrence East tells us that the Kodex total lead clip system plays a part in 90% of his fishing...

"It's one of the most versatile and simple systems that can be used In terms of changing your lead size and dropping the lead. The Kodex total lead clip system has the facility by means of a pin that can be used to trap the swivel inside of the clip which enables you to drop the lead should a fish pick your rig up. This is particularly important if you're fishing in snaggy or weedy situations, where you need the lead to discharge so it doesn't get caught on any branches or in thick weed. The fish will then inevitably rise to the surface and keep away from any obstacles.

"A tip when using the lead clip system, use a pair of Kodex forceps to gently squeeze the front of the clip so it becomes more of an oval shape, as opposed to being round, to fit neatly into the size 8 swivel which comes as part of the system. The swivel will then only just cushion inside the clip which will mean when you get a pick up from a fish the clip will eject itself, therefore becoming a running rig. The bonus of a running rig is when you're playing a fish there is less chance of a hook pull, because the fish can't use the lead to discharge the hook. This is particularly effective when using heavier leads.

"When zig rig fishing, the total lead clip system has to be by far the most effective and efficient system to use. This will again enable you to drop the lead where needed. When zig fishing you are using long, light hook lengths will small hooks, if you have a 3oz or 4oz lead on there, depending on the range you are fishing at, it can make it particularly difficult when it comes to landing the fish should the lead not have discharged itself. It could also result in more hook pulls when playing fish with a big lead swinging around when the fish is shaking its head. Use the lead clip system in conjunction with a Kodex tail rubber as this will kick the hook link away during the cast and reduce the risk of any tangles.

"Using the total lead clip system gives you more options and versatility when you're on the bank which will allow you to fish effectively in any situation you should come across."