25 APRIL 2017
It may sound obvious, but making sure that your hook baits are well balanced is one of the most important yet sometimes-overlooked aspects in carp fishing...

When fishing the river, Team Kodex consultant Dave Little likes his hook bait over-balanced, so it isn't wafting around in the flow.

On stillwaters, he loves a critically balanced hook bait and will watch it slowly sinking in the margin in front of him before casting it to his spot.

The Kodex ready tied Multi rigs are designed so that, with just the right amount of putty, you can set them to be the perfect critically balanced stillwater rig. The ideal is to set it such that no resistance is felt as it is sucked up, making it look as natural as possible.

Luke Vardy has been using the Multi rig and says that the conditions you are dealt with will dictate how you balance your pop-up. When fishing large expanses of water that are open to weather elements such as wind, undertow becomes a somewhat of a problem. Undertow is basically the movement of the water under the surface, which is caused by the elements above the surface; and as a general rule, whichever direction the wind is blowing, the undertow will usually be moving in the opposite direction. This will have a detrimental effect on how your hook bait will act on the lakebed. In these circumstances, Luke prefers to apply considerable amounts of super-heavy putty to ensure his hook bait is in-situ, pinned to the lake bed securely and not moving around in the tow. On the opposite end of the scale, when fishing a water that is surrounded by trees and protected from wind, the undertow always seems somewhat less apparent and in this instance Luke would always choose to fish his bait critically balanced so it slowly descents onto the lake bed. You can catch using the bait critically balanced just as much as over-weighting the rig - the important thing is to adjust to suit the situation you're dealt with.

On the subject of presentation, Dave Little says; "always check your rigs to ensure they are 100% efficient and will work after casting them out into the lake or river. If you're leaving a rig out all day and all night and it isn't presenting itself properly, it's just simply a waste of time.

"Check that the bait and rig falls away from the lead and lays flat amongst the lake or riverbed and is set ready for a take every single time. I will always cast and cast again until I am certain the bait is where I want it to be and won't be happy until it is. Take the time to get it right."

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