29 JUNE 2017
KODEX® have released two new additions to their range of artificial baits...

KODEX® Air-Corn has been helping to land lots of big carp since it was released. With a choice of bright attractive colours (fruity pink, green zing, zesty yellow), Air-Corn has the perfect buoyancy for pop-up and zig rigs and is soft for easy piercing with a needle.

Meanwhile the Air-Glow Corn version has proven to be excellent for overnight sessions, with its glow in the dark facility.

Now, KODEX® are releasing two new additions to their artificial baits range.

The first of these is 'Air-Nuts'. These real-looking tiger nuts are irresistible to carp. They're soft, buoyant and easy to pierce for threading onto rig set-ups.

Smaller size 10 hooks can even be popped up with the buoyancy of the nut itself. If using bigger hook sizes, you just need to add a bit of black rig foam to pop-up the rig.

They are seriously effective and are priced at only £1.99 RRP for a packet of 8.

Also joining the range is the new 'Red Wrigglers'. Bright-red vivid imitation maggots that look and sink just like real maggots.

They are incredibly soft and pliable and easy to pierce for threading onto rig set ups and can be used with KODEX® maggot clips to great effect.

They offer great value too at just £1.99 RRP for a packet of 20.

These are just two of the latest offerings from KODEX® - check out the full range of products on this website or ask at your local tackle shop.