29 JUNE 2017
KODEX® have expanded their Graviton range.

One of the most well recognised and effective KODEX® items is their Graviton super-heavy Tungsten putty. Released in 2016 in a choice of 'weed green' or 'chod silt' colours, Graviton putty has a high-Tungsten, heavy-weight content that hugs the contours on the bottom of the lake and sinks quickly.

The Tungsten in Graviton putty has a relative atomic mass (Ar) of 183.8 - one of the heaviest elements in the entire universe - and a high-density (Ar) of 19.25g/cm3. Team Kodex® tested it over several months and consider it to be essential for correct rig presentation.

That same super-heavy composition was recently replicated in the form of the new KODEX® Graviton Tungsten rig tubing. Already proving to be popular with carp anglers, this fast sinking tubing is strong, supple, hugs the contours of the lake bottom and will even sink into very soft silt to disappear completely. The bore in the tubing will accommodate up to 0.50mm lines and it can be threaded very easily. It's supplied on a mega-value 2m spool and available in a range of rig concealing colours.

Now we see the release of the new Graviton Tungsten sink beads, which are also made with the same relative atomic mass and high-density, to ensure they are super-heavy.

Graviton sink beads add weight to rig set-ups, keeping them pinned to the lake bed. The beads have a tapered hole allowing them to lock onto various diameters.

They are available in a variety of rig concealing colours - 'weed green', 'chod silt' and 'mud brown' and they're priced at just £3.75 RRP for a packet of 12.

These are just some of the latest offerings from KODEX® - check out the full range of products on this website or ask at your local tackle shop.