CX-i rods released!
20 JUNE 2018
You've seen the crème-de-la-crème of carp rods in the Kodex KX-i. Now introducing its wild younger brother, the CX-i.

Following on from the successful launch of the top of the range KX-i rods in 2017, Kodex have now designed and released the new CX-i 12ft carp rods and they possess the perfect blend of power and action. They have the power for long chucks with bigger leads or PVA bag set-ups, yet an action that is forgiving at the tip to subdue carp to the net.

With access to the very best rod factories in the world, Kodex continue to strengthen their reputation as an excellent rod maker and CARPology Magazine are more than impressed by the new CX-i, noting among other brilliant design features the excellent attention to detail and quality control.

Constructed using lightweight full carbon, CX-i rods feature a DPS minimal reel seat and an ergonomic butt grip to assist casting. With minimal lightweight guides, including an anti-frap tip guide and 50mm butt guide, these rods are packed with the latest technology components, yet still retain a hand-made custom built appearance.

These rods were first shown to the public at The Big One 2018 show and they were met with great reception. The CX-i is essentially a lower budget and more wallet-friendly version of the KX-i – you should think of it like car makes and models, for example S-type, C-Class, etc. While the KX-i is truly outstanding you are likely to lay out around £1,200 or more for a set of three, meanwhile the new CX-i retains very similar aesthetics, a lovely playing action and the power to thump out bigger leads or PVA bags, and is available at just £139.99 (RRP) per rod via any Kodex stockist, in either 3lb or 3.25lb test curves.

Total Carp Magazine are among the other angling press publications to have reviewed the new CX-i and they too believe this is among the best, if not the very best, 12ft carp rod in its price range. You would never usually get such a high quality rod for under the £150 mark.

As explained in the video above, while the RRP is £139.99 per rod, many retailers are actually listing the new CX-i rods at just £119.99 – while at the same time offering a 'buy two get one free' deal, meaning you could get a set of three for just shy of £240 if you shop around. Now that's a bargain that just can't be missed!

To find your local Kodex stockist, go to the Stockists section of this website.