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  Your Guide to all those unknown fishing terms:

A term used for a surface fishing float that will present surface baits to summer carp that are feeding on the top. Go to the Products section of our website and type '485' into the search box to see our carp bomb controller floats.

A cross between a Crucian and a Common Carp. More than 600 commercial fisheries in the UK have taken delivery of this hard-fighting fish since they were first bred 12 years ago, and it's a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. F1's have revolutionised fishing. They are the perfect fish for commercials - They feed all year round, don't grow too big and can't contract KHV. Some people call them 'Frankenstein carp' but they have helped to make many commercials what they are today.
Knotless Knot

A special way of attaching an eyed hook that means the hook will sit at an angle on your rig and increase your catch potential.

A term used for either a buoyant bait or a rig made with a buoyant poly ball so that your bait sits up off the bottom. You would usually pin down the rig up until the last 3" (7.5cm) with putty or a small shot weight and then let the last part of the rig sit up off the bottom so that it wafts about in the under-currents.