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KODEX Detectron TX10 Bite Alarm
KODEX Detectron TX10 Bite Alarm

KODEX Detectron TX10 Bite Alarm


The "Detectron TX10" is the upgraded non-wireless alarm from Kodex, bettering their previous "X-10" model with new features that make it even better value-for-money than before! Plus it has been redesigned in a slimmer and more compact shape, to match the body of the high end CX-i alarm. You can choose from various sensitivity settings, and you can also adjust the volume and the tone/pitch, all via the soft-touch buttons. A new feature is the built-in night light, meaning you no longer need to use betalights on longer sessions - just press the night-light on and off via the soft-touch button. The rod channel is deep and rubberised to prevent the rod from slipping. The easy on/off switch allows for silence during setup, while the jack at the base allows you to insert a speaker or use electronic hangers. The alarm is supplied with 2x high quality machine-turned snag bars, which you can insert into either side of the alarm, if required. Another new feature is the ability to choose your preferred colour for the indicator light at the top, as well as the colour of the built-in night light - you can choose from seven colours, just by toggling through via the small round button on the left side. This feature is never usually available on such a low cost alarm. No longer do you need to clip in different colour latches any more, now with the Detectron TX10 it's all built in! You just won't find a better quality bite alarm for this kind of price, it's genuinely outstanding. Requires one 9V battery for long lasting use (buy separately).

  • SKU: 20789
  • RRP: £44.99 / €49.99
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