MIDDY MW Signature Mudline 4x10


A range of match pole floats unsurpassed in terms of fishability, quality and durability. All are hand-made to the demanding designs of match-ace anglers, such as Rob Wootton, Chris Cameron and Lee Thornton; and include a special Middy-Wrap (MW) hand whipping to the side eyes to ensure they are extra secure. The wrapping allows the side eye to be positioned just below the antenna/tip for perfect float presentation. The side eyes are then in different gauges of wire to create the perfect balanced set-up - the two F1 models, for example, have a nice thin gauge wire side eye, while the Diamond Carp model has a chunkier thicker gauge. Such small details are the things that make a big difference and help win matches! Models like the F1 Flexi-Wire are made using the latest nitinol anti-kink wire and glass stemmed models have 0.8mm diameter stems to allow the float to settle in a perfectly controlled fashion. The tips throughout the MW range are hollow and vary according to the model, showing up the most sensitive of bites. All bodies are made from high buoyancy Rohacell® and finished in minimal colours. You can be assured of high quality design and construction when Middy (the expert float makers since all the way back in 1968) are labelling them as 'signature' models!

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MIDDY MW Signature Mudline 4x10
MIDDY MW Signature Mudline 4x10
MIDDY MW Signature Mudline 4x10
MIDDY MW Signature Mudline 4x10
MIDDY MW Signature Mudline 4x10


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