MIDDY Quartix Zero Limits 11ft Commercial Feeder Rod (2pc)


Middy never fail to impress with their rods and they continue to be the driving force behind cutting-edge developments, like this 11ft commercial feeder rod. It's part of the Quartix feeder range and is the first in the world to take advantage of a revolutionary new quiver construction technique, whereby the quivers are hollow, and spliced at the tip - the result is better casting accuracy, a smoother action and insanely sensitive bite registration! You get two of these hollow-spliced carbon quivers included (1oz/2oz), plus one 'super-sense' glass-spliced-into-carbon quiver (0.5oz). The rod is a true-cast Quartix construction like its two sister 3pc distance models, except applied to a commercial 2pc design. While this 11ft version will never really be used for super long-casts, the technology gives an edge and crispness to the cast and bite registration that will only be appreciated by the very best anglers. Features include C-Pulse cast assist guides, Spiratech reinforcement technology at critical stress points, as well as a totally unique True-Crank butt handle design to assist accurate casting. This is, undoubtedly, amongst the very best commercial feeder rods on the market today. It has a main line rating of 10lb, hook length rating of 8lb and a casting weight guide of 60g. As you can see, this rod is all about accuracy, action and finesse. If you pick up a Quartix rod you will be blown away by its quality true-cast design and construction then just wait until you have a bite on and see how sensitive the quivers are, it's something to behold.

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MIDDY Quartix Zero Limits 11ft Commercial Feeder Rod (2pc)
MIDDY Quartix Zero Limits 11ft Commercial Feeder Rod (2pc)


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