MIDDY SpaceScope Keepnet 18"x14"x9'


Middy's Space-Scope is absolutely ideal when you go to a fishery that imposes a 50lb net limit. Unlike the majority of keepnets, the thread attachment on the Space-Scope is located on the narrower 14" side, rather than the wider 18" side. This means you can fit several of these nets side-by-side without taking up so much space in your peg. For example, you could have four of these keepnets lined up next to each other and it would only take up about 56 inches (less than 1.5 metres) in overall width across your peg. This feature, combined with the overall size and design of this keepnet, means you aren't really compromised even if the fishery has a 50lb limit per net in place - just get enough Space-Scope keepnets to cover yourself! Another advantage to the thread attachment being on the narrower side of the net is it allows for quicker transference of fish from your landing net, so you can get back out for the next bite a little sooner (every second counts). The thread attachment is also fixed at a special angle to level the net perfectly when fixed to your bar. The netting is a fishery-approved fast-drying carp-sack mesh, with a soft feel yet incredible strength. The rings are reinforced with extra webbing to stop the mesh from wearing or ripping. The overall construction is very robust, meaning big carp can be put in at speed without the fear of damaging the mesh. Further features include pull-out handles for weighing-in, as well as stake-out rings at the base in case you also want to use this net on a river and need to pin it down with bank sticks. Middy have covered so many bases here that it's going to be difficult to improve upon - and so the Space-Scope comes highly recommended.

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MIDDY SpaceScope Keepnet 18"x14"x9'
MIDDY SpaceScope Keepnet 18"x14"x9'


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