Dean Brook (UK)

Dean Brook


Dean Brook

Dean Book is the specialist all-rounder at Team Kodex, with a particular love of pike fishing. He's featured in many videos and magazines offering excellent advice for catching big pike.

DOB: 03/11/1969

From: West Yorkshire, UK

Joined Kodex: 2013

Favourite venue:
"River Wharfe for the variety of fishing. The Yorkshire rivers have a good head of almost of every species, so one week I may be pursuing pike and the next week targeting a big river perch, chub or grayling."

Favourite method: Float ledgering for pike on rivers.

Favourite Kodex product: CX-i rods

Pike - 30lb 3oz
Perch - 3lb 6oz
18x 8lb+ barbel

Future angling aspirations:
"To go abroad and catch a Blue Marlin. I would also like to get involved teaching kids how to fish - they are missing out on all the finer things in life, by spending far too much time indoors for hours playing on computers".