Ulrich Zeller

Ulrich Zeller


Ulrich Zeller

Based in Germany, Ulrich is no stranger to catching huge carp from sparsely-stocked waters near his home. Ulrich has a no-nonsense approach to carp fishing, which historically, has served him very well.

Vital statistics:

September 2nd, 1974

Current place of residence:
Southern Germany

Time with Kodex:
since 2014

Favourite venue:
gravel pits, park lakes

Favourite method:
boilie fishing, pop-up fishing

Favourite Kodex product:
KX-i rods, luggage, end tackle range

Personal bests:
57 common, 53 mirror

Future angling aspirations:
To focus on what really matters, that means spending more time on the bank with good friends, and never forget to smell the roses along the way.