Quick easy bait tip for winter carp

How to get more winter success
Quick easy bait tip for winter carp

Published: 12/12/2019

High-attractant hook baits are the weapon of choice for many carp anglers during the winter months. But how do you really make the most of your hookbait and the free offerings as well?

Always start preparing your cold water hookbaits long before winter arrives, by choosing brighter coloured pop-ups and soaking them for a good few weeks in Kodex Ectoplasm to make them really rich in taste, smell and colour. Our favourite flavour is Almighty Almond, but the other flavours in the range are equally as effective.

After having sorted out the hook baits, make up free offerings as follows...

In the winter time it is key to attract the fish without actually feeding them. Therefore, just take a bit of ground bait, a few slices of toast and mix the whole thing with milk or condensed milk until you get a nice sloppy mix. Introduced into the water, this will create an attractive visual cloud without over-feeding the fish.

All this offered in the right spot can facilitate a very successful winter session!


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