Damo Lee explains the importance...
When you arrive at your chosen venue, always make sure the first thing you do is try to locate the fish. Over the years I have seen many anglers turn up to the lake and drop in the closest swim to the car park or most comfy swim for his gear. This alone can put the odds against you, so here's a few tips to help you locate them - before you sit behind dormant rods, scratching your head and thinking "what am I doing wrong?"…

I always start my session by doing a lap or two of the lake. While I'm doing this, I take note of the pegs that look like they have had the most pressure. Trodden-down areas are usually spots to avoid. If your venue has islands or snags on it, then be sure to spend a little extra time in these swims when looking for fish as these are undoubtedly the best holding place for carp pretty much all year round. Also, I have found that carp will pretty much always hold up in reedy areas, as they’re most likely to be the shallower depths of the lake, where the water column will warm faster in the sun.

Obviously, there have been times when I haven't located the fish anywhere on the lake, only to find them basking in the sun. The only advice I can give on days like this is, if the wind is blowing a warm south-westerly, then get on the end of it, but make sure you keep an eye on the lake as much as possible for showing fish and always be ready to move onto them.

One last bit of advice I can give is to buy a pair of polarised sunglasses. These are without doubt one if the most important pieces of kit you will own, as you can see so much more below the surface of the water.

~ Damo Lee