Fishing the margins

James Higgins explains...

I'm a big fan of fishing the margins on my local club lake, where the water is reasonably clear (a decent pair of polarised glasses is essential). This week, I only had a few hours free so I decided just to take one rod and see if I could get a quick bite.

I know the lake pretty well and I knew that by midday there would be fish in the shallows, cruising along the tree lines. My approach was simple. I used 2ft of Graviton tubing - this is super heavy and supple. It pins your line to the lake bed so it’s perfect for fishing under the rod tips, knowing that everything is pinned down. I finished off my set-up with a 3oz lead and a simple hair rig, using a size 8 Genomic MGP Wide Gape hook.

I never put too much bait in close on short sessions, as the idea is just to nick a quick bite from any passing fish. So a handful of 15mm boilies chopped in half is ample and I will even fish two half baits back-to-back on the hair so nothing looks out of the ordinary. It was only about an hour later before I had one in the net, and what a cracker it was! Happy days!

Try out this set-up in the margins of your local club water and see the success it can bring.

~ James Higgins